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The Nicholas Roper website has been created by Jacqueline Milburn and Judy Meade to document their ancestor's life and family, as well as to highlight his contributions to colonial and early Federal history of frontier Virginia. The information presented represents years of research by Ms. Milburn and Ms. Meade on their (West) Virginia ancestor, his English origins, and the descendants of his only child, James. Suggested corrections or additions are welcome please click here.

The photos above are picked randomly each time the browser is refreshed. The photo array includes St. Margaret's of Antioch, Suffolk County, England and Jefferson County, WV farm's once owned by Nicholas Roper and his son James.

The Church of St. Margaret of Antioch, Thrandeston (Little Green), co. Suffolk, England, dates from at least the 15th century, and was the family parish of Nicholas Roper's family. He and at least 10 of his siblings were baptized at St. Margaret's. Nicholas's parents, James and Hannah Osborn Roper, and some immediate family members, are buried in the churchyard, to the left of the main entrance/porch of the church. Numerous other 18th and 19th century Roper relatives are buried elsewhere in the cemetery.

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