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James Roper Emancipation 1793  Order to be recorded Roper to James
James Roper - Emancipation

Emancipated by his father Nicholas Roper
December 3, 1793, Deed Book #A 24, Page 244 Roper to James, Frederick County, Va Clerks Office
Order to be Recorded: Order Book 24, Page 558, Frederick County, Va Clerks Office (Record located by Ms. Judy Meade)
Transcribed Copy

Washington Monument
Washington Monument donation by James Roper

Monument titleJames Roper contributed $5.00 to the erection of this monument. R. F. Blackburn, Agent. Design of the National Washington Monument, By. Robert Mills of S.C. Archt. Lithograph from the original design by the Archt. Lithograph by E. Weber & Co. Baltimore. Base of Pantheon 250 feet diameter, height 100 feet, height of Obelisk, 500 feet.
( print in possession of James Luther Coulter of Ranson, WV.

James Roper Southern claim
Southern Claims - For James Roper dec.

Filed by Logan Osburn, executor of the the estate.

James Michael Roper accident with horse in Berryville, Va.
James Michael Roper - Accident

In the Clarke Courier, January 30, 1873, page 3, Col. 1 an article appeared expressing the seriousness of an accident had by James Michael Roper. The injury mentioned became a hindrance for the rest of James Michael's life eventually leading to his death in 1903.

Use of these papers provided by Jefferson County Museum, Charles Town, WV "Logan Osburn File". These papers should not be copied or reproduce in anyway without permission from curator of said museum.
Logan Osburn - Executor of James Roper dec'd
The following papers are receipts of payments to persons having claim to James Roper's estate including payment to Logan Osburn for his part of "distributive share of the personalty of said decendants"[sic].

Roper Vs Welcome

Fee Bills Cover

List of Bills

Payment to Osburn

Cover for receipt paid by James M. Roper

Receipt paid by James M. Roper

Roper's Grandfather Clock

Clcok faceEight Day Clock - Owned By James Roper and maybe his father Nicholas Roper According to James Roper's will this clock was bequeathed to his youngest son Washington Albert Roper. In the 1960's Edna Roper daughter of James Truman Roper son of James Michael Roper possessed the clock. At Edna Roper's death the clock went to her nephew Paul D. Chapman and is still in his possession today at the home of his son in Rippon, Jefferson County, WV. Maker of Clock mechanism unknown - further examination needed to determine age and cabinet maker.

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