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August 6th
at 12 noon
22nd Annual reunion

Roper Family Reunion
Held at Crums UMC, 2832 Crums Church Road, Berryville, VA
the First Saturday in August
All Descendants of James Roper son of Nicholas Roper are Welcome.
For more information contact Amie Comer at

Roper Reunion

This is a rain or shine, hot or cold annual gathering of the Roper family. We share family photos, history and much more. Bring your favorite covered dish. Meat, Drinks and paper products are provided. There's a playground for kids, water balloon battles and the exciting "Hang on to it if you can" gift swap. So bring the entire family and reconnect or get connected with family you didn't know you had. Afterward some make a trek to the River Farm to visit the cemetery where Nicholas and James Roper are at rest along with the reunions funding father Robert "Bob" Roper (1948 - 2002).


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Below are just a few of the Roper Reunions. If you have any photos you would like to share please send them to the site manager with date taken and who's in the photo.
Email the manager Click the images to enlarge
2011 Reunion
Held on August 6th at Crums UMC, Clarke County, VA

Kay Roper White
On your left is Kay Roper White, wearing her T-shirt "Proud to be a Roper", on the right is Charlie Dempsey "Dempy" and he is Katherine "Kitty" Roper's son, and the guy in the background is Scott Lidard, Arbutus Roper's son, he's the one that asked "Is there a Website?".
Ilah Parkers Reunion
Ilah Parker had a small reunion at her home for one of the English Roper's, Derek Roper and his wife.
Ilah Parker's mother's poem
Ilah Parker shared this poem her mother Myrtle Roper Bagnam wrote to her one true love Samuel.

2007 Reunion
Held on August 4th at the Old Roper farm called "River Farm". This is one of the most beautiful spots in Jefferson County that can't be seen from the road.

Amie and her new baby girl
Amie and Alexis. This is Lexie's first reunion.  
Bob Roper's new stone
Reunion founding father
Tree limb feel on the Parker's car and the cows came to clean it up
cows in meadow
River Farm, looking towards Clarke County

James Ropers inscription
James Ropers Inscription

2006 Reunion
Held on August 5th at the Old Roper farm called "River Farm" final resting place of Nicholas and James Roper.

Steve and Ilah
Steve Roper and Ilah Parker

Ilah's Mother
Ilah Parker shared
Ilah's mother
photos of her
Ilah's Mother
beautiful Mother

2005 Reunion
Held on August 6th at the Old Roper farm called "River Farm".

Shane and Eric Roper and Scott grilling chicken
Just relaxing along the ole shenandoah
Learn more about other branches of the family
Gary Roper from Illinios and Ilah Parker of Maryland
Kay Roper White resting before the big feed.
Learning more
Group Photo
The Shenandoah River
Family came from all over the United States. California, North Carolina,
Illinois, Michigan, Maryland, Pennsylvania just naming a few states.

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