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Edge Hill Cemetery Charles Town, Jefferson County, West Virginia
Edge Hill Cemetery

Ann Catherine Roper Schultz

Henry Francis Schultz Annie I. Schultz

Schultz, Ann Catherine Roper 1837 - December 11, 1910; Daughter of James and Nancy Curuthers Roper; Wife of Henry F. Schultz

Schultz, Henry Francis February 26, 1836 - September 18, 1909; Son of John and Louisa Schultz; also in the same plot rests Ann and Henry's grand-daughter

Schultz, Annie I. November 29, 1895 - June 22, 1897; Daughter of H.A. and Alice Schultz

Shultz Family plot that joins Ann Catherine,s brother, James Michael's family plot.
Schultz Family plot 
James Truman Roper Plot Stone James Truman Roper
Fasnnie Marlatt Roper Edna Irene Roper

Roper, James Truman February 5, 1870 - January 27, 1940; Son of James Michael and Rebecca J. Milbourn Roper; His Wife

Roper, Fannie Marlatt November 2, 1871 - November 3, 1837; Daughter of James M. and Anna Marie Staubbs Marlatt

Roper, Edna Irene April 15, 1900 - January 18, 1979; Daughter of James T. and Fannie Marlott Roper

Walter Chapman plot photo Margaret and Walter Chapman

Paul and Ethel Chapman

Chapman, Margaret Ann August 13, 1897 - August 09, 1961; Daughter of James Truman and Fannie Marlatt Roper; Her Husband

Chapman, Walter Daniel September 19, 1890 - November 16, 1925; Son of James and Lucy Chapman

Chapman, Paul D. January 2, 1918 - November 21, 1987; Son of Walter and Margaret Chapman; His wife

Chapman, Ethel Hendrick January 6, 1915 - April 21, 1998

Roper, Chester and Bertha
Roper, Chester Arthur November 16, 1882 - December 7, 1954 Son of Washington Albert and Mary Catherine Roper; His wife
Roper, Bertha Welbe Bareford June 26, 1888 - January 16, 1978

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